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nutech paintWe offer the full line of Nutech Paint products that are sold in the USA. Comprehensive support services such as Installer training sessions, detailed Application Manuals, and Sales Support are available for our certified Nutech Roofing Restoration Professionals.

Nutech Paint is a leading worldwide producer of coatings for roofing, walls, and other surfaces. We have been in business for more than 40 years and have restored over 800,000 roofs worldwide. Our nanotechnology-based advanced coatings such as our leading product – Nutech NXT Cool Coat, bring to the United States increased energy efficient and self-cleaning “breathable” surfaces in a wide variety of standard and available custom colors.

Why Do Roofs Need Restoring?

The condition of a roof contributes to the appearance of a home or building and therefore it can significantly affect its financial value. The unavoidable fact is that all roofs eventually need maintenance. Roofs are damaged by sun, moisture, biological and mechanical forces and become dirty with age.

Mold, moss, lichen and dirt build-up also cause blockages in water channels on the tiles causing water leaks. Asphalt shingle roofs become dirty and eventually leak due to surface degradation and lifting. Even metal roofs can become damaged by corrosion under overlaps and around screws.

The two main reasons to restore a roof are:

  • To restore or improve the appearance of the property
  • To prevent leaks which are caused by physical damage, broken tiles or roof surface, structural failure, biological growth, cement pointing and bedding cracks or other fixing or roof flashing defects and problems

To get more information about the proper Nutech products for your project, please click on the surface type below and you will be directed to our product information and selections pages for that surface:

- Metal Roofing & Siding Paint / Restoration
- Asphalt Shingle Restoration
- Masonry Tile Restoration
- Stucco, EIFS, Fiber Cement Siding Restoration
- Asbestos Roofing and Siding Sealing / Restoration
- Concrete Sealer and Coatings